SOFICS delivers best-in-class innovative device and IC design solutions for on-chip ESD/EOS/EMC protection to semiconductor companies worldwide. Originally part of Sarnoff Corporation (a US based R&D lab boasting many inventions in the field of colour television, LCD panels, CMOS processing and many more), SOFICS became an independent Flemish SME in March 2009. In June 2017 we moved to our own brand new building in Aalter. Our workforce consists primarily of engineers with a background in electronics and/or semiconductor physics forming a small but dynamic and creative team engaged at the cutting edge of IC design and technology. As a prestigious market leader we offer our employees stability and a strong vision for the future, within an appealing company culture, in which initiative, hard work and a pleasant working atmosphere are equally important.

Every summer, Sofics organizes highly esteemed internships for engineering students in the field of electronics or applied physics. For two years in a row now Sofics has also welcomed students from abroad as part of the IAESTE exchange program.

“I can say that on my internship I had more than one mentor, the whole office has put effort into my learning. It was a memorable experience and I would surely recommend it to every student who wants to learn new things about ESD solutions and have a good time.”
Rebecca Grancaric, our IAESTE student 2016